Virginia Glass Doors and Window Repair is an expert provider, fabricator, cutter, installer and supplier of safety glass. Our 15 year old glass business experience gives a great advantage in recommending safety glass types. The advantages of safety glass are enormous and they are a crucial alternative to regular glass especially in environments where there glass breakage will leave many people exposed. Safety Glass offers the benefit of being very rigid and strong against force making it less likely to break. In the event where overwhelming force is made to the point of breaking the glass then the glass breaks in chunks instead of sharp edges which protects people and children from the harm that could be caused.

Virginia Glass Doors and Window Repair is highly specialized in the servicing of Safety Glass for all applications. So whether you are planning on installing glass in a hospital, school or business. If you have any questions about the application and usage of safety glass for your project then call us at (571) 347-3471 to get a FREE ESTIMATE.