Screen repair and Replacement

Virginia Glass Repair and Replacement specializes in custom window screens and door screens, screen repairs, and screen replacement for homes, business, apartments, hotels, offices, and restaurants and others. We have experienced professional to install, repair, or replace any screen at your home and business. Replacing your home windows is an investment that improves your home’s comfort and your home’s value.

We also offer re-screen services for your existing screens!

Our mission is to provide good quality window screens and a value price and to do so quickly.

There are many different types of screening available for your window screen replacement. The most common window screen mesh is standard fiberglass insect screening, the UltraVue invisible screen, Super Screen, Pet screen, Tiny Mesh screen , Copper screen rolls, Copper Screen also known as Bronze Screen, Solar Screen...

Choose a Screen Type:

Aluminum: Durable, long-lasting, for all screen projects, in bright or charcoal finish

Fiberglass: Easy to install, for all screen projects, in gray or charcoal finish

Clear Advantage: Greater visibility and airflow than standard screen, least noticeable, greatest curb appeal

Pool and Patio: Stronger fiberglass screening for larger openings like porches

Solar Screen: Blocks the sun’s heat and glare, saves on air conditioning cost, prevents upholstery and carpet from fading

Pet D-Fence: Extra strong, resists damage by household pets

We are open 24/7, 365 days a year for all of your emergency window and glass repair needs. Call us (571) 347-3471