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Door closers let you install heavy doors for both aesthetic and safety benefits. If you think that your door closers no longer work as they should, you need the help of experts in commercial door closer repair in Falls Church, VA.

Function of Door Closers

After giving some resistance at first, a door closer allows heavy doors to easily glide open. After the user has released pressure, the door will then close by itself. Door closers can improve the fire safety of your building through keeping the room sealed shut. Door closers also let you cool or heat a single area to reduce energy costs.

When Do You Need Commercial Door Closer Repair?

You need to contact commercial door closer professionals when you experience any of these problems:

  • Improperly installed door closer

People who install or adjust door closers are expected to be trained and equipped with necessary tools to guarantee that the door closer will function correctly and last for a long time. Proper installation can also prevent damage to doorframe and sudden door movements.

  • Improper type of door closer

Door closers should match with the door’s weight. When the door closer on the heavy door doesn’t have strong springs, you will pose injury to the users and may even damage the closer or the door itself over time.

  • Broken seals

Door closers with broken seal will create a gap, exposing the hardware and even causing oil leak sometimes. Lubricant leaking is also an indication that there a damaged O-ring or missing screw in your door closer.

Commercial door closer repair is critical in any business in Falls Church, VA. Residents of the area can also benefit from glass repair, glass replacement, auto glass repair, windshield replacement, glass installation, and window repair.

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